Learning at home

  • Welcome Kindergarten families:


    Hi Everyone,

    School is officially almost out! Ü Hang in there! In this packet that I am sending, you will find:

    1. Kindergarten Summer Handbook followed by smaller packets labeled sight words and addition and subtraction. These are just for you to practice getting ready for first grade! You do not need to return these to school. Ü
    2. I also included your May monthly book.
    3. Rural Resources delivered an additional packet to go out to you.
    4. An orange colored sheet that talks about google classroom.

    Thank you for being AWESOME students and families to work with during the time. I want to remind you to send in or deliver your packets to the school for me by June 5th (I have already received some completed packets). The next envelope I will send out will include Kindergarten Graduation items. J Yippee!!!!

                                                                       With love,

                                                                                 Mrs. Dash


    I have included in the envelope:

    • Reading/Writing packet: I also included little readers that kiddos can read more than once and color the pages of they would like.
    • Math packet
    • Let’s Find Out! (Science)
    • Studies Weekly (Social Studies)
    • April’s book of the month for your kiddo

    Here is a list of things to work on at home as well to develop independence with everyday skills:

    • Tying shoes, zipping zippers, buttoning buttons, snapping snaps
    • Performing daily routings without reminders
    • Writing first and last name
    • Selecting clothing appropriate to weather conditions
    • Helping with household chores, meal prep, making shopping list, etc.


    Thank you for being amazing parents and students during this time. If possible, I would like to have the first and second round of packets completed and turned into the school by Friday June 6th. The wonderful office staff are usually at the school Monday through Friday and you can call ahead to check 509-722-3311. Please do the best you can and I will be very understanding while grading.


    Dr. Wadlington came up with an example schedule for completing work that I will include below:











    Social Studies









    Every day your student should:

    • verbally tell you the alphabet
    • practice counting to 100 with their number chart
    • complete a page from All About the Letter
    • complete a page from the math packet

    A couple days of the week your student should:

    • practice the pages from March and April Fluency packets
    • practice their sight word

    Your student can also continue to log hours for Silverwood Read 2 Ride if they have not completed their reading log. Silverwood extended the return date to April 30.


    If you have internet at home, your students can use these websites to help promote further learning:

    Mystery Science


    Our school code is WA1143

    Login: students first name

    Password:students first name



    Enjoy your time as a family! I will miss seeing your kiddo daily!

    If you need anything at all please send me an email at mdashiell@columbia206.net