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    1. While we move our class online, we will use this page for assignment announcements and information. 
    2. Please email or Google share your assignments with me at rnielson@columbia206.net (just like we have been doing). 

    You will need to make deadlines just like we do in class. You can submit work early, also.

    I am always available for questions through my email.



    Autobiographical Work Story: Unit Two 


    1. All student revised drafts (the draft you are currently working on) due Wednesday, March 18 by Midnight.

    2. I will read and offer you written revision (and edit) suggestions by Friday, March 20, through your student email or Google docs.

    3. You will revise and edit based on my suggestions and submit your final Work Story Draft by Tuesday, March 24 by Midnight.


    Remember you have access to EWU's Writers' Center for advice as well :)

    Writers' Center  Use this link

    Purdue OWL Writing Lab for all kinds of writing information 


    The Researched Argument: Unit Three

     books   The aim of the researched argument is to introduce you to the methods and process of creating an academic argument essay. This mode of writing is useful in many different fields of study, so expect to use what you learn here many times over. 

    The process of creating a researched argument involves three major steps: research, analysis, and synthesis argument. We will take our time stepping through each of these. 

    Materials you will need for this unit: internet access, EWU database user name and password, your text book, Google Docs access, your focused mind. 

    Activity One: A debatable topic Due March 25 Midnight

    1. Use the links below as a starting point to find a debatable topic that you are passionately interested in learning more about. Pro/con.org has a clean, well organized format for looking into both sides of current issues in our culture.

    400 Argument Ideas The New York Times

    130 more (newer) argument ideas


     2. Email me you choice of topic as well as a paragraph about why this topic is interests you by Wednesday, March 25 Midnight. 

     Activity Two: Reading Due March 27 Midnight

    1. In our textbook, read chapter 12, pages 480-481 & pages 488-491 (stop at "Search within database fields").

    2. Email me a short summary (50-100 words) of your reading assignment. Due Friday, March 27 by Midnight.

     Activity Three: Research with CQ Researcher Due March 30 Midnight

    1. Go to our webpage and click on the link:  EWU Research Databases   

    2. Sign in and search for CQ Researcher in the Databases A-Z button. Here's a video showing how to do this: CQ Researcher How To

    3. Find and read the appropriate overview article for your chosen topic 

    4. Write a one page summary overview of your chosen CQ Researcher article. 

        Use the correct MLA full citation of the article as the title of the summary. Here's a link to help with MLA citation: MLA Citation 8th edition

        Due March 30 Midnight.

     Activity Four: Topic Discussion Due April 1, 8pm & April 3, 8pm

     1. Use the Discussion app at the bottom of this page to give a 50+ word opinion on your topic/issue. Due April 1, by 8pm.

    2. Respond to two of your classmates' topic opinions with 50+ words. You can agree or disagree, add to, or suggest in your classmate responses. Due April 3, by 8pm.

        If you can't see your discussion responses immediately, don't worry. I have to manually approve them before they can be seen by everyone.

    SPRING BREAK! No Work Assigned


    Activity Five: Gathering Sources Due April 24 by Midnight

    The next step in writing your researched argument is to educate yourself about the issue and locate the best sources for your researched argument. You will need a minimum of four reliable sources to support your argument. Here are the steps you need to take to research, closely read, and create an annotated bibliography for your sources. 

    1. First watch this charming video on the purpose of putting together an annotated bibliography of your research (this is your end product for this activity). Here's the Link .

     2. You need to log into EWU libraries database and spend time finding at least 4 good sources that can be used in your argument. Here is a good guide to using EWU's databases. Go to  https://www.ewu.edu/library/ and login. ProQuest is a wonderful database that covers many different topics. You may want to start there. Here's a video of me showing you around ProQuest .

    3. Spend some time finding a minimum of four articles that can be used as support for your argument. 

    4. Read each of your chosen articles closely and create an annotated bibliography entry for each of your chosen sources. Here is a great video about creating an annotated bibliography :annotated bibliography

    5. Your textbook is also helpful, pages 476-477

    5. Create and submit your MLA formatted annotated bibliography by midnight, April 24. Email me or share your Google Doc. 

    Let me know if you have questions. 


    Activity Six: Building Your Argument Draft 1 Due May 1 Midnight

    Here's the assignment for The Researched Argument

    1. Refresh your understanding of argument writing by reading pages 430-444 in your textbook.

    2. Outline your argument in a way that makes sense to you and share on Google Docs with me. Your outline must include: section for background information, central claim, 4 main reasons supporting your claim with 4 separate sourced evidence backing-up your reasons, at least two credible counter-claims, and conclusion. Submit along with your first draft on May 1.

    Your draft should be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, MLA format, with a works cited page. 

    Remember you have the information for your works cited page already completed because you have done your annotated bibliography in Activity Five. Just remove the annotations, and you have a completed works cited page. Double check you have formatted correctly.

    3. Submit via Google Docs before midnight on Friday, May 1. (Remember to also submit your outline. You can attach a picture of it)

    Activity Seven: Revising Your Argument Due May 8 by Midnight 

    Awesome review of revision's purpose and value: Revision advice video

    1. Carefully revise your argument using my written feedback. 

    2. Have another classmate read over your revised essay and use their feedback to do a final edit. 

    3. Make sure your essay conforms to MLA formatting, with heading, page numbers, in-text citation, and works cited page.

    4. Submit your final draft by May 8 midnight.

     Activity Eight: Reflection due May 15 at Midnight

     Your final assignment for English 101 is to write a 1.5 to 2 page reflection paper on what you learned and accomplished in English 101 this semester.

    To prod your memory, here are the units you completed this semester:

    • The essay exam unit, in which we worked with scholarly articles on literacy, power, and education. You created presentations on self-selected articles and took an essay exam in the little blue books.
    • You used the writing process to create a personal narrative about a day at work.
    • You used the writing process and research to create an argument on a self-selected issue. 

    Reflection writing is an excellent way to cement learning and experience in your mind. Here's a clear (admittedly cringy) video about reflective writing: Reflective Writing Video

    Your topic is what you learned and accomplished in English 101.

    Your format is MLA

    Your point-of-view is first person

    Please let me know if you get stuck or have questions.

    *I will be emailing you a link with the course evaluation at a later date. Please keep an eye out for it. 



    Readings for the Essay Exam Unit


    "Abby's Lament" by Robert Yagelski


    "Literacy and the Politics of Education" by C.H. Knoblauch


    "Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work" by Jean Anyon


    "Confronting Class in the Classroom" by bell hooks


    "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" by Gloria Anzaldua


    "Live and Learn" by Louis Menand


    "On the Uses of a Liberal Education" by Mark Edmundson


    "Preparing Minds for Markets" by Jonathan Kozol


    EWU Links 

    EWU in the High School link

     EWU Library






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