"By studying a wide range of texts representing a variety of cultural perspectives, students make connections to their own lives to better understand the interrelationships among multiple cultures" (SpringBoard Grade 10)


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    Your Cultural Artifact Projects!

    Ashley's Project




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     Project One: Script Writing 

    Script Writing Workshop click this link

    Activity One Pages 111-116 

    1.Pg. 111 Read

    2. Pg 111 Do #1

    3. Pg 112 Do #2

    4. Pg. 112 Do #3

    5. Pg. 113 Do #4

    6. Pg. 116 Do # 5

    7. Pg. 116 Do Check Your Understanding 


    Spring Break

    Project Two: Poetry Workshop

    Poetry Workshop  click link here

    Activity One Pages 39-43 

    1. Pg. 39-40 First Read (You will not do Check Your Understanding pg. 40)

    2. Pg. 41 Do Text Dependent Questions (the questions on the side)

    3. Pg. 42 Do Check Your Understanding

    4. Pg. 42-43 Do Synthesize Your Understanding

    5. Pg. 43 Do Writing Prompt

    Activity Two Pages 44-45 

    1. Pg. 44 Study the Image

    2. Pg. 44-45 Do OPTIC

    3. Pg. 45 Do Writing Prompt

    Activity Three Pages 46-49 

    1. Pg. 46 Do Independent Reading

    2. Pg. 48 Do Text Dependent Questions (the questions on the side)

    3. Pg. 48 Do Check your Understanding

    4. Pg. 48-49 Do TP-CASTT

    5. Pg. 49 Do Writing Prompt

    Final Assignment: Cultural Artifact Project 

    Due June 5th 

    EA 10 Final Project

     Water jar procession



     Links and Files for ELA 10

    Infographic about what Smarter Balanced test means

    State Test Practice Items

    Literary Analysis Template

    Greek Drama Notes

    State Test Practice Items II  

    Citation Basics

    Literary Analysis Revision Guide

    State Test Item III