• Bridge 

    Hello Jared! I hope you are well.

    Here's what you will work on during this school closure in order to keep up your reading and writing skills. 

    You will have three main activities-

    1. You will be working with reading passages on ReadWorks . I have set up a class just for you.

    Go to this link to ReadWorks 

    Enter the Class Code 5ZLUMZ

    Use the password 1234

    You are to read and complete the questions for three articles a week.

    All of that week's assigned articles are due by Midnight on Friday of that week.

    2. You will need to write 1 full page response a week by reacting to a different prompt from the list below:

     Go to 550 Writing Prompts and select a prompt to write about.

    Date and title your golden paper (in envelope) with the prompt (e.g. 3/19/2020 Can money buy you happiness?)

    Remember to edit your writing for spelling, capitals, and punctuation. 

    3. Finish reading 1984.

    Here's the audio for the book. 1984 Audio Start over if you need to. 

    Can't wait to talk to you about how this ends!