• Columbia Elementary Character Traits Program Encourages all students to be "students of character." This year our program will focus on the following character traits: October - Respect, November - Service, January - Responsibility, February - Kindness,  March - Honesty, April - Patience, May - Enthusiasm.  At the end of the month students nominated by their teachers are recognized with a certificate for exemplifying that trait.
    OCTOBER 2012 RESPECT AWARD WINNERS   Lydia Motteshard, Jasira Flett,Jordan Rempher, Kaylie Swan, Cassandra Coronado, Jesse Denison, Alyssa Abrahamson, Tori Denison, Hailee  Wynne,and Collin Johnson, Absent: Natalie Kennedy                                                                                 
                                        r                                                                        ,
      Colten Etue, Justina Abrahamson, Ava McCrea, Kelly Kurtz, Ryan Reynolds, Jesse Denison, Caleb Etue, Natalie Kennedy,  Gabriel Etue, Dylan Young, Precious Ruballo, Michael Garland, Kendra McCoy, Megan Erspamer, Donovan Etue, Mehealani Slentz.  Absent: Hunter Wagner, David Kieffer, Leslie Flett.   
     Trey Young, Diego Rae, Michael Garland Jesse Dennison, Jonah Zehetmir, Natalie Kennedy, Janis Ruballo, Leslie Flett, Precious Ruballo, Justina Abrahamson and JT Garland. Absent Kelly Kurtz  
    FEBRUARY 2013 KINDNESS AWARD WINNERS   Annie King, Mathew Boyer, Hailee Wynne, Melody Edwards, Daniel James, Corbin Nelson, Jesse Denison, Leslie Flett,Kelly Kurtz, Ryan Reynolds, Precious Ruballo, Dylan Young, Ben Hill, Hunter Wagner, Pete Kurtz and Hanna Reyna. Absent Jacob Brisbois and Jaysanna Flett.                                                                                                                                      Kindness
    MARCH HONESTY AWARD WINNERS  Annie King, Mathew Boyer, Daniel James, Trey Young, Kelly Kurtz, Peyten Montoya, Jade Roy, Kiersten Kemmerer, Kathern Coronado, Tricia Kurtz and Ben Hill. Absent Hunter Wagner and Dylen Swan.


    Service Posters in the elementary hallway...
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    Respect Posters in the elementary hallway...
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