• Washington State Politics

    This page provides various resources concerning state politicial issues and policies that have an affect on education at the state, regional, and Columbia School District level. This page does not provide district opiion, but does house several political and policy advocacy newsletters from various education groups. The TWIO (This Week in Olympia) is a publication from the Washington Association of School Admiistrators (WASA). The Association of Washington School Principals publishes Legislative Update. In addition, WSSDA (Washington State School Directors Administrators) has several resources avaialble for citizens.

    The Eastern Waashington Qualty Schools Coalition (EWQSC) represents most school districts in Northeastern Washiongton State (NEWESD101). This group advocates for children who live to a large part in rural and remote locations and deserve equatible ffunding and support as their urban counterparrts.  

    If any questions arise or clarifications are needed focused at the local level, please contact Dr. Bill Wadlington, Superintendent Columbia Public Schools. Part of his position as school superintendent is to provide information concering local effects from state and national levels legislative action, policy, and procedure. He can be reahed by telephone at 509-722-3311 or via email at wwadlington@columbia206.com.