• Update on School At Home

    April 7, 2020

    Hello parents and students!  We just learned yesterday that Governor Inslee and our OSPI superintendent, Chris Reykdal have decided that the safest thing to do is to NOT have students return to school this year. It will be difficult to end the year without seeing everyone together again, but we can stay safe and stay well while we’re home.

    Several of you have sent or dropped finished work at school.  I love seeing the work students have done! Many parents have reached out to tell me about special projects kids are working on and some have even sent pictures.  Thank you to those who have sent pictures of zoo projects! I love the creativity!

    MOBYMAX: Many students are accessing MobyMax.  Especially as the weather improves, the last thing we want is for kids to be absorbed in screen time for too long.  The best feature of MobyMax right now is that it places each student right where they need to be and gives me immediate feedback about progress, without requiring too much time.  If MobyMax is an option for your student, set a time for 15 minute sessions; one session on MATH and one on READING.  

    MATH: I’m sending home printed Math papers.  STUDENTS MAY EITHER DO MOBYMAX OR THE PRINTED PRACTICE.  Please don’t feel any pressure to do both.  Either 15 minutes of MobyMax Math OR complete both A and B sides of a practice page.  I included the answer pages and of course, just send any questions my way. Most of what they will see will be familiar, but some will be new and some will be fairly challenging, especially for 1st graders.  If some content is uncomfortable for you or your student, feel free to ask questions or skip it for now.  

    READING:  Please continue to have your child read EVERY DAY.  Of course, continue to enjoy story time together, but also be sure they are reading out loud to somebody to continue building those foundational skills. I’m sending home some short passages.  Students may choose a story to read, then complete the questions. (Reread these is a great way to building fluency.) They may do this 2 or 3 times/week. I included the answer sheets for you.

    SPECIAL PROJECT:  I have included a time capsule for students to complete, with help. It’s a great opportunity to record some details for the future.  It’s also a great way to have conversations with your child and to help them process what is happening in their world right now.

    WRITING:  Continue to encourage your child to write something in their journals often.  Many of you have sent in screenshots of writing, which is a great way to share with me.

    There is no doubt that this is a difficult situation. On the bright side, we have an unprecedented opportunity to spend time building relationships within our families.  As a teacher, I do want to be sure that every single student is able to continue making progress and getting ready for the next school year, but as a parent, I also know that there are countless things that happen outside of school work that build our students’ school readiness.  Be confident that these things are valuable and by doing them, you are teaching!  


    • Plan and prepare meals together.
    • Take a walk and talk about what you see.  Ask and encourage questions about nature.
    • Play games together.
    • Tell stories together.  Retell familiar stories or make up new ones.  Begin a story and take turns adding to it.
    • Sing and dance and create music.
    • Set aside time for physical activity.  
    • Give kids chores to do.
    • Share your feelings and encourage open conversation.
    • Find something to celebrate.


    Please continue to send finished work to me!  Either send or drop work at the school or send me screenshots to ciwyborney@columbia206.net.  Stay safe and be well!


    Cindy Wyborney



    Parents:  Thank you for every incredible thing you are doing right now to keep your family and our community healthy.  I know this is a crazy time!  Please reach out if there is anything I can do to help!

    It's been a bit since we've been at school.  Please remember to have your little learners do the following things:

    • MATH: Keep playing those card and dice games!  Kids learn about math, but also those important skills like taking turns and sportsmanship.  
      • ZOO PROJECTS: Work on those zoo projects!  When they are done, please help them find materials so they can somehow construct their zoo.  We usually do this in art with cardboard, popsicle sticks, paper and paint.  Encourage them to be creative!  Please send me pictures to ciwyborney@columbia206.net.  I'm so excited to see those creative brains do their thing!  Please send or drop completed zoo packets (without the projects) at school.  When I receive these, I can send another similar project for them to continue applying grade approriate math tasks in a creative way.
    • READING: So many kids have shared about their reading with me!  Keep up the great work!  Keep aiming for 30 minutes every day. Read2Ride forms for free Silverwood tickets aren't due until May 15 now.  Send them to me any way you can as kids hit that 10 hour mark.
    • WRITING:  Please make sure kids write in their journals regularly.  Each day they write, make sure they include the date on the page.  When/if their journals are full, send or drop them at the school.  If students would like me to offer feedback on their writing, feel free to send a screenshot of any page and I'll reply as soon as I can.
    • MOBYMAX:  WE BEGAN A NEW CONTEST. Students can find information and track progress under REAL REWARDS. Many kids have found the MESSAGE feature!  I love hearing from them!  If you have trouble accessing or finding this feature, email me and I'll troubleshoot for you.  The biggest benefit of MobyMax is that it places students into lessons that are just right for them.  If at all possible, please encourage about 15 minutes total each day on MobyMax.  I left open several options for fun, but please make sure they get on MATH and FOUNDATIONAL READING.

    If you'd rather kids do more paper and pencil work, please let know know.  I'm happy to make some copies and send them out.

    Most of all, enjoy your family time together, be safe and be well.  ~Cindy Wyborney


    GRADES 1 AND 2

    While you’re home, have a great time with your family!  Help your parents however you can.

     Things to do EVERY DAY to make sure you are still getting ready for 2nd or 3rd grade:

    • Read 30 minutes.  Of course, enjoy being read to also, but spend at least 30 minutes every single day reading words out loud.
    • Write something in your journals every day. It can be a story you make up,  a story that really happened, a list…anything.
    • Do something with math every day.  Play I HAVE, WHO HAS, dominoes, Making 10s GO FISH, use the die to do some addition or subtraction, or write some equations and solve them (Be sure to include 1s, 10s and 100s).
    • Do at least 5 KIND things every day.  Your family needs this. Think hard every day about how you can fill their buckets and do those things on purpose. Everybody will be happier, including you.  😊
    • Remember that I’m proud of you and am excited to see you when you return! 

    Read 2 Ride:  Our deadline has been pushed back! Get forms to me by April 30th to receive a free ticket.  You can drop them off in the school office (if it's open), mail them to the school (PO Box 7, Hunters, WA  99137) or take a screenshot and email it to me.  Just make sure I can see the student's name, your signature and 10 hours documented.  The bookmarks I sent home show minutes read also.  Add these to your totals!

    Links for Grades 1 and 2:



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    Mystery Science

    *Each student's login information for Dreambox and MobyMax can be found in the printed papers sent home.

    Parents:  If you have questions or if I can help with anything, email me at ciwyborney@columbia206.net