• Hi Families!

    It saddens me that we are needing to be away from school during this time of uncertainty, however, it looks like the extended absence in inevitable. My hope is to provide you with as much support via email, phone, and mail as possible.  I will be checking my email several times throughout each day.  Email would be the best way for me to send individual information and educational opportunities for your child.  I will reach out with the email I have for you.  If email is not an option, I will be contacting you weekly with a phone call.  Please feel free to contact me anytime. My cell number is 509-830-7669.  

    Please remember that maintaining a daily schedule will help your child adapt and maintain an educational work ethic while in a home environment.  Following routine while at home will ease the transition back to school after the lengthy absence.  I have posted a sample daily schedule under, Opportunities on this page. 

    A few families still have Individual Education Plans that need to be renewed.  If possible I would like to meet at school in a small group.  If that is not possible we can hold the meeting over the phone.  I will be making contact to set calendar dates. 

    As I come across useful websites and other distance learnings opportunities, I will post them here on my district page.  

    Please keep in touch and let me know how I can support you and your child.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Tracy Kraft

    Special Education Teacher