• Hello!  Welcome to the "Crayfish Mentoring School"!

    Name: Debra Berg 
    Email Address:  dberg@columbia206.com 
    School phone number: (509)
    Home phone number: (509) 722-5058
    Prep period: 8:15-9:07

    Welcome to Mrs. Berg's webpage!
      Columbia is an active member of The River Mile project through the National Park Service.
    We began working on the crayfish project in October 2012 and have become trainers and 
    mentors for other schools throughout Eastern Washington! 
      If you have any questions reguarding the crayfish project, your child or any of the concepts
    that they are learning, please feel free  to contact me at any of the above contact choices! 
    Since we don't have phones in our rooms, email is the usually the quickest way to get a
      Hope to hear from you soon!
                      Mrs. Berg