Mrs. Hood

    Name: Michele Hood
    Email Address: mhood@columbia206.com
    Phone number: 509-722-3311 

    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.This year
    I am teaching a combined Kindergarten and First
    Grade class.I now have 10 First Graders and 9
     We have fully implemented the Common Core
    State Standards so that all Columbia students
    may keep up with their counterparts across the
     Anytime you want to visit class, you are welcome.
    I can't always stop and chat and may put you to
    work! Anytime you want to show me how to
    improve this page, please come-I am not very
    tech-savy and am struggling to keep up!
    This year's parents, please read the "Dear
    Parents" page.
    This year students should bring their own snack.