Mrs. Hood

    Name: Michele Hood
    Email Address: mhood@columbia206.com
    Phone number: 509-722-3311 

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.This year
    I am teaching a combined Kindergarten and First
    Grade class.I now have 7 First Graders and 4
     We have fully implemented the Common Core
    State Standards so that all Columbia students
    may keep up with their counterparts across the
     Anytime you want to visit class, you are welcome.
    Please check with Dr. Wadlington first. I can't always stop and chat and may put you to
    work! Anytime you want to show me how to
    improve this page, please come-I am not very
    tech-savy and am struggling to keep up!
    This year's parents, please read the "Dear
    Parents" page.
    This year students should bring their own snack.