As a complement to its academic courses, Columbia School District offers extra curricular programs which include athletics, academic teams, and a variety of clubs involved in non-gradedactivities. The purpose of these programs are to provide instruction in areas of student interest, to develop self-discipline, to develop pride and dignity, to develop sportsmanship and teamwork, to develop successful competitors, to help prepare students for the competitive world after school, to develop leadership skills and to allow students to responsibly represent Columbia School.

    Representing Columbia School is both a responsibility and a privilege. Therefore, it requires that those involved meeta higher standard than other students.



    1:Local Rules and Regulations


    1a:Columbia School District will offer interscholastic athletic programs for their highschool and junior high students based on student interest and available funding.

    1b: All students who participate in athletics must meet Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association requirements.

    1c: All students who participate in athletics must meet the following Columbia School District requirements and have documentation on file in the office, prior to participating:

    1c1: Physical examination. A physical examination must be completed by a physician at your expense. Physical examination forms are available in the office and are valid for two years from the date of the physical. Columbia School highly recommends that students receive a thorough exam if they want to use the two year option.

    1c2: Parental permission/Emergency Medical Release form. A parental permission form must be signed by the parent/guardian and turned in to the school in order for an athlete to participate. The form also has a space to indicate if the athlete has read and understands the handbook for student athletes. Your signature will indicate that you have read and understand our rules, regulations, and training requirements. Participation will be denied to anyone not signing this form. This form is available in the office.


    1c3: Evidence of paid enrollment in the school sponsored athletic insurance program or a parent signed insurance waiver for that sport/school year must be on file with the school office. The school insurance form and a waiver are available in the office.

    1c4: ASB Card. Students must have paid ASB dues prior to participation in their first interscholastic game.

    1d: All individuals actively participating in a school sponsored athletic program will be held accountable for the guidelines of this document.


    1e: When students enter the 9th grade, they will have a clean slate on discipline steps.

    1f: Athletes may not participate in any organized school athletic team while a member of another.

    1g: Any athlete whois injured or becomes seriously ill enough to require a doctor's note not to participate, will be required to have a written doctor's permission to resume the activity.

    1h: Any athlete who quits a team for medical reasons must provide a doctors note or they will be considered to have quit the team.


    2:Academic Standings

    2a: Senior High student eligibility will be determined after each semester with additional grade checks every two weeks. Student athletes will be considered eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities if they are passing all their classes OR have no more than one “F” and have at least a 2.0 g.p.a.


    Students, who fail to meet these standards, but meet WIAA minimum standards, will be suspended from competition until the next grade check (2 weeks).  One time per season a student will be given a probationary status for not making the grade check.  During this two week period the student’sgrades will be checked prior to any contests and be allowed to participate only if the grades are meetingthe above standard.

    GradeChecks will be done on Wednesday afternoons. Eligibility or ineligibility will take affect first thing Thursday morning and remain in effect until the next grade check.

    *note: Only the athletic director can officially declare a student athlete eligible or ineligible.

    WIAA minimum grade standardr equires a student to pass 6 of 7 classes for the previous semester. If a student does not meet this standard they will be ineligible for competition for 5 weeks. A week must have at least 4 school days to count as a week.


    2b:Junior High students are required to achieve the same standard as our senior high students.  JH students will be checked every Wednesday during the season. If a student fails to meet these standards they will be given one week of probation. During this week students are expected to use some practice time studying, but will be allowed to participate. If a student fails to meet these standards two consecutive weeks, they will be ineligible to participate until the next grade check (one week).

    2c: Special Education Students will be held to the same standards as our regular student body.  In the event of ineligibility the Special-Edteacher, IEP team and Athletic Director will meet and may choose to modify the standards on a case by case basis.

    3:School Attendance Prior to a Contest

    3a: In order to participate in games, the participant must be in school attendance the full day of the game. Any exceptions must be cleared through the Athletic Director or Principal prior tothe absence. Excusable exceptions could be such as medical, dental, or anyother circumstance the Athletic Director or Principal deems appropriate.



    1:Coaches Guidelines for participants

    1a: A student shall refrain from flagrant or abusive conduct directed toward a faculty member, coach, official, student, any opponent, or any memberof the community while participating in the activity or sport. Disrespectful conduct of any team member will not be tolerated.

    1b: Any actions during practice or games that violate student handbook policy will be referred to the principal for official disciplinary action.  Additional consequences from the coach may also be applied.

    1c: Each respective coach will establish his/her own team rules he/she deems necessary to conduct an orderly and successful program, along with enforcing all student handbook rules.

    2: Useor carrying of tobacco (smoking or chewing).


    2a: The use or possession of any type of tobacco product is prohibited. 


    1st Violation:         The athlete will serve a 2 game suspension.

    2nd Violation:       In same season-athlete is out for rest of season

                                    In different season-athlete will serve a 4 game suspension.


    3rd Violation:         Athlete will no longer be able to participate in sports for the rest of the school year.

    3:Major rule violations

    3a: No carrying of, distribution of, possession of, or being under the influence of narcotics, dangerous drugs, controlled substances, legend drugs (prescription drugs that are not your own), or alcoholic beverages. Appearance or attendance at parties or gatherings where alcoholic beverages or drugs arebeing illegally used is also prohibited.

    3b: Major Crimes:These are incidences which would be reported to the law. (Examples: theft, assault, possession of a dangerous weapon)

    1st Violation:         The athlete is out for the rest of the current season.

    2nd Violation:       The athlete cannot participate in school athletics for one calendar year from the time of violation.


    3rd Violation:         The athlete can no longer participate in school athletics for the rest of his/her high school career.         


    4: QuittingRule

    4a: Students will be allowed to quit a sport during the first ten days of practice without repercussion. If a student must quit after the 10 day grace period due to extenuating circumstances, he/she must meet with the coach and athletic director or principal to discuss such circumstances.


    4b: If a student athlete quits or is kicked off a team they will be required to miss 2 games of the next sport they choose to participate in.

    5:Appeal Procedure

    5a: All students and athletes have access to appeal under WAC 180-40. If an athlete has been disciplined or suspended from a sport squad for any reason, he/she shall have the opportunity to appeal the decision. The student will be notified, in writing, of the appeal process by the Principal or Athletic Director.


    1st step: The athlete should first approach the head coach of the in-season sport and tell him/her ofhis/her intentions to appeal (this must be done within three (3) school days of the suspension notification). The coach will notify the Principal.


    2nd step: If the athlete or coach is not satisfied with the decision of the Principal, he/she should then appeal the decision (within three (3) school days) to the Superintendent, who shall review the case and make a decision. The decision of the Superintendent shall be final.


    6a: Issued Equipment - School equipment checked out by the student is his/her responsibility. He/she is expected to keep it clean and in good condition. Loss of issued equipment or damage to issued equipment will be the student's financial obligation.



    6b: Wearing issued equipment - Issued equipment is to be worn only while participating with the team in practice or during a scheduled contest.The WIAA prohibits the use of school issued equipment while participating in any event outside the yearly program or activities not sponsored by the WIAA.

    6c: A participant who drops from asport squad without turning in his/her issued practice or game equipment will forfeit his/her right to participate in any other sport season and will have credits and grades withheld until proper restitution has been made.


    NOTE: No athlete will be allowed to participate in a sport until all previously issued equipment has been returned or proper restitution made.


    7:School Equipment and Facilities

    7a: The school district provides students with excellent physical facilities for athletics at great expense in the form of taxes to parents and community members. Therefore, it is important the students exercise care and personal regard for these facilities.

    7b: Misuse of dressing room facilities, lockers, towels, benches, gymnasium, or field facilities will not be permitted.

    NOTE: Failure to comply with this regulationmay result in denial of their use.



    8a: Permission for a student to ride with another student will NOT be given at any time.


    8b: Transportation to and from extra-curricular or athletic events will be provided by the Columbia School District.


    8c: Each student will remain with their peer group and under the supervision of the staff member in charge when attending the event.


    8d: All students must travel to and from the event with the peer group and in transportation provided for this purpose.

    Exceptions to this rule:

    1) Parent or Guardian must be present at event and personally sign for their childs release.

    2) Parent or Guardian must have a note in the office stating to whom they are to be released before the bus departs for the event.

    NOTE: Permission for a student to ride with another student will NOT be given at any time.

    8e: Students will give chaperones, bus drivers, and teachers on school buses the same status as teachers in the classroom.

    8f: Students going to day games must receive a note of permission from their parents and go to the game either with a parent or on the rooter bus.