• 2020-2021 School Year

    Position vacancies will be posted when there is a clear potential. The interview process and selection of vialble candidates preceeds action by the Columbia School Board of Directors who have final authorization for all hiring.

    K-12 Principal - Filled May 26, 2020


    Columbia School District No. 206 is seeking a Principal who is a visionary leader having the instructional leadership skills and human relations abilities to actualize the mission of the District, “Educate and prepare all students for lifelong success.”

    The Principal will provide a safe school environment, enhance productive learning for all, and assist in planning, coordination, and operation of the school in a manner to promote a professional image directed at providing the best possible service to the students, community, and staff. The Principal will develop a safe school environment based on teamwork, explore ways of increasing efficiency using technology, and maximize available resources to enhance a productive learning experience for all.

    The Principal must also have the ability to positively impact student learning and achievement through Professional Learning Communities and knowledge of effective instructional practices. In doing so, the Principal will build collaborative relationships with staff, students, and parents, bringing these groups together positively and productively with a critical focus on student learning. The Principal must be a highly effective communicator, having an ability to utilize multiple strategies to regularly and clearly communicate with all stakeholders. The Principal will continue to nurture a positive and respectful school climate and develop professional capacities in staff, purposely directed at increasing levels of student learning and achievement.