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After School Guidance

Staying After School for an Activity

 The following policies must be in place before these students are allowed stay after school. These policies are to ensure safety and security of our children and empower parents to make decisions concerning their children's whereabouts:

  • The Student has permission to stay after school for either an academic or fundraising activity along with a Columbia Staff Member
  • Parents must be aware that their student is staying after as part of an academic or fundraising activity with a staff member, either by calling the school or sending a note with their student the morning of the scheduled work day.
  • The only exception to this would be that the parent is at the school to supervise their student(s) before 3:00 p.m. that day.
  • In addition, Students are only allowed to ride the activity buses if involved in an after-school, staff supervised activity.  

If you have any questions about these school policies, please contact our Principal Chuck Wyborney at 722-3311