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Columbia School Associated Student Body

The Columbia Schools Associated Student Body (A.S.B.) is the governing body for student activities; however, it is much more than a student council. In Washington State, students have a feduciary and a legal mandate to conduct business for the betterment of students. The law cired below is a framework for how ASBs operate. 

RCW 28A.325.030

Associated student body program fund—Fund-raising activities—Nonassociated student body program fund moneys.

(1)(a) There is hereby created a fund on deposit with each county treasurer for each school district of the county having an associated student body as defined in RCW 28A.325.020. Such fund shall be known as the associated student body program fund. Rules adopted by the superintendent of public instruction under RCW 28A.325.020 shall require separate accounting for each associated student body's transactions in the school district's associated student body program fund. (b) All moneys generated through the programs and activities of any associated student body shall be deposited in the associated student body program fund. Such funds may be invested for the sole benefit of the associated student body program fund in items enumerated in RCW 28A.320.320 and the county treasurer may assess a fee as provided therein. Disbursements from such fund shall be under the control and supervision, and with the approval, of the board of directors of the school district, and shall be by warrant as provided in *chapter 28A.350 RCW: PROVIDED, That in no case shall such warrants be issued in an amount greater than the funds on deposit with the county treasurer in the associated student body program fund. To facilitate the payment of obligations, an imprest bank account or accounts may be created and replenished from the associated student body program fund. (c) The associated student body program fund shall be budgeted by the associated student body, subject to approval by the board of directors of the school district. All disbursements from the associated student body program fund or any imprest bank account established thereunder shall have the prior approval of the appropriate governing body representing the associated student body. Notwithstanding the provisions of RCW 43.09.210, it shall not be mandatory that expenditures from the district's general fund in support of associated student body programs and activities be reimbursed by payments from the associated student body program fund. (2) Subject to applicable school board policies, student groups may conduct fund-raising activities, including but not limited to soliciting donations, in their private capacities for the purpose of generating nonassociated student body fund moneys. The school board policy shall include provisions to ensure appropriate accountability for these funds. Nonassociated student body program fund moneys generated and received by students for private purposes to use for scholarship, student exchange, and/or charitable purposes shall be held in trust in one or more separate accounts within an associated student body program fund and be disbursed for such purposes as the student group conducting the fund-raising activity shall determine: PROVIDED, That the school district shall either withhold an amount from such moneys as will pay the district for its direct costs in providing the service or otherwise be compensated for its cost for such service. Nonassociated student body program fund moneys shall not be deemed public moneys under section 7, Article VIII of the state Constitution. Notice shall be given identifying the intended use of the proceeds. The notice shall also state that the proceeds are nonassociated student body funds to be held in trust by the school district exclusively for the intended purpose. "Charitable purpose" under this section does not include any activity related to assisting a campaign for election of a person to an office or for the promotion or opposition to a ballot proposition.