• Changes to State Immunization Rules for Schools and Child Cares Effective August 1, 2020

    The State Board of Health (SBOH) has approved changes to Chapter 246-105 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) concerning school and child care immunization policy.  These rules apply to all public and private school and licensed child care centers in Washington State

    The update to Chapter 246-105 WAC has three major focuses:

    • It now requires medically verified immunization records for school and child care entry.
    • It clarifies conditional status in regards to school and child care immunization requirements and implementation.
    • It changes the Tdap immunization requirement to 7th through 12th grades.

    There are other small changes to the rule. Read the full rule.  For more info visit:

    Coronavius Resources:  For parents have questions/concerns regarding this new coronavirus (called 2019-nCoV), Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) is directing inquiries as follows:


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  • Coronavius Resources:  For parents have questions/concerns regarding COVID19 Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) is directing inquiries as follows:



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  • Donation Needed

    Columbia Schools is in need two items to prepare and maintain the fields for spring athletics and general upkeep. Out shop program is working to complete a drag for preparing the baseball and softball fields; however, we need two items donated to improve the maintenance/facility department in their capacity to provide the best playing surfaces for our kids.

    The two items requested are:

    • A used, running garden style tractor to use as a tug for dragging the field. The mower deck is not important as we will be pulling a drag. We need the garden style tractor because the zero turn mower is not appropriate for dragging an implement and the John Deere is just too big to do a good job. 
    • A section 4-6' wide by 4-6' long of spike tooth harrow with frame. We would use this to make a drag used in the spring to initially scour the hard pack field material. Our hope is to use this either behind the John Deere or the tug. 

    If you wish to donate either item, please contact school office at 722.3311

    Thank you for supporting our kids and your school.

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  • Urgent Need for School Bus Drivers

    Columbia School District has an urgent need for school bus drivers. Columbia Schools will provide the training and reimburse the cost of the examination after the successful candidate drives for the district.

    If interested, contact the district office and speak to Superintendent, Mr. Greg Price or Transportation Director, Adriane Piper at 509.722.3311 or contact Mr. Greg Price via email at

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  • Columbia School District Strategic Planning Process


    This page will provide information concerning the Strategic Planning process. This process is citizen-driven and is intended to provide a process for continuous improvement.

    To begin the process, please begin the process by accessing the following survey. It should take no longer than 10-minutes. If you are interested in serving in a work group, please complete the final comment section of the survey. Access the survey at the following LINK.



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