Donation Needed

Donation Needed

Columbia Schools is in need of several items to prepare and maintain the fields for spring athletics and general upkeep. Out shop program is working to complete a drag for preparing the baseball and softball fields; however, we need two items donated to improve the maintenance/facility department in their capacity to provide the best playing surfaces for our kids.

The two items requested are:

  • A used, running garden style tractor to use as a tug for dragging the field. The mower deck is not important as we will be pulling a drag. We need the garden style tractor because the zero turn mower is not appropriate for dragging an implement and the John Deere is just too big to do a good job. 
  • A section 4-6' wide by 4-6' long of spike tooth harrow with frame. We would use this to make a drag used in the spring to initially scour the hard pack field material. Our hope is to use this either behind the John Deere or the tug. 

If you wish to donate either item, please contact Roy Lamm or Bill Wadlington at 722.3311

Thank you for supporting our kids and your school.